My Grown-Ups Bundle

$5 from each purchase is donated to Adoptions Together.

Representation Matters

This free report will help your organization harness inclusivity and representation.

Hummingbird Hour

Join the Hummingbird team in a conversation series celebrating humanity during the one-year anniversary of Hummingbird Humanity.

We Stand With The Trans Community

To all those in our community who are members of the trans community, or who have loved ones who are, we stand with you. You shouldn’t need to be so strong, but your strength to endure is beautiful. You are loved, you are powerful, and you have every right to exist as who you are.


DEI DNA Assessment

Workplace culture is one of the most important aspects of an organization that often gets ignored when in reality it should be given the most attention. At Hummingbird Humanity we take an in-depth look at organizations to find where there may be Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion improvements that can be made to better the workplace culture.

Hummingbird Humanity believes that putting people first is essential to the success of any business.

Our Services


Consulting is where we come in as thought partners to expand your thinking and foster humanity in the workplace. We have a myriad of offerings tailored to each organization, including our DEI DNA Assessment, Diversity Learning Circles, and Strategic Roadmapping, that work together to realize the change organizations seek to create.


Hummingbird Speaks is the home of amplifying voices. Our speakers provide diverse perspectives on topics such as workplace culture, the LGBTQ+ community, DEI for parents, and leadership. Whether you know what topic you want to dive into or not, we can match you with the right speaker for your organization.


Our growing lineup of books has something to offer everyone. With DEI, leadership, and HR books, they extend across to any age. Because DEI conversations are necessary for both grownups and kids, Hummingbird Books offers books for children and adults. Keep an eye out for more books hitting the shelves soon!

Our Approach

We partner with organizations to foster human-centered, highly engaging workplace cultures where representation matters, diverse voices are celebrated, and everyone knows they belong

We create safe spaces that are welcoming and invite all voices to the conversation

We communicate with transparency & intention fostering trust and collaboration.


We engage with kindness, respect, empathy, & recognize the importance of self-care.


We challenge ourselves to expand understanding as we actively learn and grow.


We engage with kindness,
respect, empathy, & recognize
the importance of self-care.


We strive for excellence in all we do while honoring progress over perfection.


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