“Hummingbird Humanity is a warm and human-centric partner. Their passion and strength is really in understanding individuals and then providing pathways for us to both deliver awesome team environments and create more inclusive spaces.” – Cait Brumme, Chief Executive Officer at MassChallenge, Inc.

If we hadn’t been proactively working with Hummingbird, I think we wouldn’t have been able to really understand the needs of our employees from a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion perspective.” Maria Aveledo, Chief Business Officer at Octane

“We are really thankful for the resources and support that we have had the opportunity to get from Hummingbird Humanity” -Arvetta Jideonwo, Head of Social Impact & Executive Director of CREA Foundation at CREA, LLC

“The Hummingbird team really expertly worked with our planning committee to identify a topic and speaker that would meet our organization where we are in our DEI journey” -Thea Valero, Director, Diversity, Engagement & Inclusion Reliance Standard Life Insurance

“….Just building a relationship of trust and I think that that enables change to happen across the spectrum so we are very grateful for Hummingbird, what they have brought to the table and how they have helped us expand our capacity to be able to do the work that we love to.” – Rev. Dr. Gregory J. Edwards, Chief of Staff & Director Power LV