Past Events

Find recordings, transcripts, and more for each of our past events.


Embrace, Celebrate, Unite with Andrea Forsht and Bobby Wilkinson

Accessibility Is Human with Catarina Rivera and Alycia Anderson 

Why Human Centered Workplaces Foster Trust Psychological Safety with Dr. Phenessa Gray and Rachelle Carrie

Engaging Men In Women’s History Month with Yai Vargas and Mark Greene 

Social Impact & Humanity in the Workplace with Michelle Cirocco and Hilary Meyer

Humanity In The Hybrid Workplace with Brian McComack, Rocki Howard, and Jamie Klein


Generational Resilience and Latinidad in the United States with JD Valladares-Williams and Cindy Nava

A Multigenerational Workplace with Mark Travis Rivera, Yvette Donado, and Frank Gomez

Representation at the Intersections with Brian McComak and Mark Travis Rivera

Learning to Love All of Me with Brian McComak and Dr. Jacqueline Dougé 

Becoming Effective Allies in the Workplace with Brian McComak and Ray Arata

Imagine Belonging at Work with Brian McComak and Rhodes Perry

Amplifying Transgender, Non-Binary, & Gender Non-Conforming Voices with Mark Travis Rivera, Peppermint, Ben Greene, Celia Sandhya Daniels, and JD Valladares-Williams

Parents Loving and Supporting their LGBTQ Kids with Brian McComak, JR Ford, and Vanessa Ford

Clearing the Path to Workplace Equity with Brian McComak and Tara Jaye Frank

Propelling Yourself and Others to Success with Brian McComak and Betty Ng

Beyond Diversity with Brian McComak, Rohit Bhargava, and Jennifer Brown

Building Cultures of Belonging with Brian McComak and LaTonya Wilkins



Good Intentions and Meaningful Actions with Brian McComak and Bernadette Smith

Digital Accessibility with Ben Greene and Anna Cass

Conscious & Inclusive Leadership with Brian McComak and Carley Hauck

My Grown-Ups Children’s Book Launch with Brian McComak, Kate Costigan, and Sarah K. Turner

Marketing With Equity with Brian McComak and Rana Reeves

LGBTQ+ Pride Isn’t Inclusive with JD Valladares-Williams and Andre Herring

Beyond Pronouns with Ben Greene and Bryce Celotto

Reframing #RepresentationMatters with Brian McComak, JD Valladares-Williams, Bianca Chow, and Mita Mallick

Our Stories Guide Us with Brian McComak and Graci Harkema

Supporting Queer Women with Julia Hamilton and Natasha Porizkova

How the Last Year Changed DEI with Lori Muszynski and Dr. Nika White

Allyship Against Hate with JD Valladares-Williams, Bryce Celotto, and Andre Herring

Finding Purpose in the Pandemic with Brian McComak and Eduardo Placer

COVID and the Future of Work with Brian McComak Andy Rice



Conversations with Ray Arata

Conversations with Lydia Fenet

Conversations with Danielle Schmelkin

Conversations with Surabhi Lal

Conversations with Chelsea C. Williams

Conversations with Katie Oertli Mooney

Conversations with Jeffery Smith

Conversations with Mindy Scheier

Conversations with Ben Greene