We believe that employee experience drives organizational success. With that in mind, our programs start with understanding your people and your culture, which allows us to customize our programs to meet the needs of your organizations.

At Hummingbird Humanity, we are building the type of culture that we partner with organizations to create for themselves—a community aligned around thebelief that leading people-first is core to the success of any endeavor. With diverse lived experiences, our team of experts works with you to develop an individualized approach to your organization’s specific needs.

Through our unique methodology, which combines HR + DEI practices while infusing head and heart thinking, we work with small to medium-sized companies to help you foster humanity in your workplace—always beginning with the voices of your employees. Our relationships with a broad community of consultants, who join us in honoring the importance of intersectionality and the power of storytelling, makes Hummingbird Humanity a distinctive partner to ignite the possibility of your people.

Our consulting services fall into four categories:


Our approach looks at the experience of your employees through multiple lenses of identity providing you with meaningful insights and tangible recommendations. Our assessments view  your workplace culture from a variety of angles including diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), social impact, and well-being.

Culture DNA Assessment

We’ll assess your organization to develop a deep understanding of the current state of your workplace culture. Developing this baseline understanding is an essential step towards creating an environment where employees feel seen, valued, and heard. 

We collect data through:

  • 1 on 1 Interviews
  • Focus Groups 
  • An electronic survey
  • Review of company materials 

The assessment readout you receive will be a combination of data analysis and quotes highlighting the voices of your employees. This approach illuminates the current state of your culture through both head and heart. 

Our readout will also clearly outline areas of strength, areas of concern, and recommendations for next steps. You will feel confident communicating with your employees, making decisions on next steps, and progressing forward on your commitment to creating a human-centered workplace culture.

Data Collection Channels:  

  • Interviews (up to 12 one-hour senior leader interviews)
  • Focus Groups (up to five 90-minute focus groups with up to 12 people each + demographics)
  • An electronic survey* (up to 12 employee experience rating questions and 1 free response question)
  • Company materials review 

The readout will include reports and employee quotes – which illuminate your current state through head and heart. We also include areas of strength, areas of concern, and recommendations for next steps. The insights help inform your actions and communications, ensuring you feel confident you are taking the next steps to create an inclusive environment for all your people.

Employee Experience Survey

Your employees are the heart and soul of your company. Our unique approach to employee surveys – which combines DEI and HR methodologies – provides you insights through multiple lenses of identity and helps you understand how to best foster a sense of belonging, improved engagement, and pride in your company. 

Our process involves four phases:

  • Design: We partner with you to evolve our survey template to meet the needs of your workplace and help you develop an approach to communication that maximizes participant engagement.
  • Delivery: We partner with you, and your IT team on administering the survey,  providing support to your employees, and making clear our commitment to anonymity.
  • Analysis: Our data scientists analyze the data collected through multiple lenses to emerge meaningful insights that give you a deeper understanding of the employee experience in your workplace.
  • Reports: We produce custom reports that amplify the voices of your employees through both analytics and quotes. Our company report includes recommendations that you can implement for developing a human-centered workplace culture. 

Our approach provides rich insight into the experience of your employees through multiple intersectional lenses and delivers the understanding you need to build a strategic roadmap.


Building on the insights from one of our assessments, we partner with you to plan short, medium, and long-term steps that build on your commitment to a human centered workplace culture.

Workplace Belonging Strategic Roadmap

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) is not “one size fits all” which requires building a custom plan for your workplace. We partner with you on building a plan that brings your commitment to IDEA through the 4 Lenses of Representation: 

  • People
  • Culture
  • Customers
  • Community

Together, we will develop a three-year plan allowing you to create an environment where your employees thrive, where diverse voices are celebrated, and where everyone feels that they belong.

Workplace Culture + Employee Experience Roadmap

Your employees are the heart and soul of your company. While similar to our Workplace Belonging Strategic Roadmap approach, and incorporates both IDEA and the 4 Lenses of Representation, this roadmap delivers an enterprise plan for your culture and employee experience commitments incorporating the cornerstones of a human-centered workplace:

  • Belonging
  • Social Impact
  • Holistic Well-Being
  • Clear Communications
  • Human-Centered Leadership

This three-year plan will serve as your guide to developing a human-centered workplace culture where humans thrive and bring their best selves to work every day.


We partner with you to create and implement customized programs and experiences building upon our trusted methodologies.

IDEA Learning Circles

Our IDEA Learning Circle is a space to learn and openly discuss concepts, experiences and history related to inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility.

Designed for executives and leaders committed to fostering an environment of belonging for their teams, this program delivers a unique experience that is designed to build awareness, expand critical thinking, develop comfort having difficult discussions, and ignite a commitment to action.

Inclusion Advisory Councils

Launching an internal Inclusion Advisory Council (or Diversity Council) enhances your ability to engage the voices of your employees in your ongoing work to create an inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible, human-centered workplace culture. 

We collaborate with you to launch an Inclusion Advisory Council that represents the diverse cross-section of your organization across identities, levels, departments, and geographies. The Council will help inform IDEA and culture decisions while also serving as champions for your commitment to IDEA.

Our approach includes three distinct phases:

  • Design: In this phase, we partner with you to develop a custom approach to launching your Inclusion Advisory Council. We will provide best practices benchmarks, help you communicate and align with key stakeholders, establish a draft charter, and outline anticipated roles and responsibilities.
  • Launch: In this phase, we collaborate with you on the application process, communication to applicants and key stakeholders, Council member onboarding, and facilitate the first Council meetings.
  • Success: In this phase, we provide strategic advisory consulting to embed the Inclusion Advisory Council in your ecosystem. We also typically recommend facilitating an in person, off-site for the Council during this phase.

What’s most important is that you have an effective Council launch the first time and we are here to help!

ERGs (Employee Resource Groups)

Understanding that your employees are the heart and soul of your company,  creating safe spaces for them to feel seen and heard is key to the IDEA journey. While Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), or Business Resource Groups (BRGs), are often touted for providing a positive environment where employees of different genders, nationalities, and backgrounds have equal opportunity to succeed, they can also be a launching pad for allyship, business innovation, and leadership development. Whether your company is at the beginning of its ERG journey, or needs help with a reset or “level up,” we can guide you every step of the way.


Learning is an important part of any organization’s journey towards creating a human-centered workplace culture. We partner with you to create and facilitate training experiences and workshops that help your employees grow in their ability to be champions for inclusion. Our facilitators have a broad range of identities, experiences, and areas of expertise and we are able to structure sessions in many different ways, delivered both in person and virtual, to best meet your needs. Topics we cover in our training programs and workshops include these topics:

  • Microaggressions and Intersectionality
  • Implicit Bias
  • Building Bridges of Trust
  • Dimensions of Power and Privilege
  • Allyship
  • Navigating Sensitive Conversations

And we have developed programs on these topics:

  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Doing Business through the Lens of IDEA
  • IDEA Foundations 
  • Who Am I – An Exploration of Identity
  • Hiring Without Bias

Our training experiences also include numerous commitments to actionable steps, ensuring that from the moment the session ends your employees and leaders will feel equipped to help build an inclusive, equitable, and welcoming space. 

When you include learning experiences into your broader IDEA strategy, you ensure that all employees, regardless of where they begin their journey, have the opportunity and knowledge/know-how to fully support your commitment to creating a culture where everyone feels that they belong.


With our diverse team of facilitators, we can deliver a variety of different experiences that support your commitment to a human-centered workplace culture. Examples include:

  • Listening Sessions
  • Diversity Council & ERG Off-Sites
  • Culture and IDEA Strategy Sessions
  • Empathy Circles
  • Healing Conversations

In our listening sessions,  empathy circles, and healing conversations, our team will share personal stories and foster authentic conversations about lived experiences of your employees. These sessions help you establish bridges of trust and empathy for others through our approach to igniting shared humanity which opens the door to fully understanding the lived experiences of their colleagues. These experiences, which center around identity-sharing exercises, are an effective strategy towards fostering an environment that allows impactful conversations while creating a stronger sense of unity that grounds the workplace culture in humanity.


We partner with you to develop your mission statement, vision statement, and to define your organization values. Our approach to this work amplifies the voices of your employees through interviews, focus groups, and short surveys, ensuring that your workforce embraces the work to update or communicate your MVV. 

In our work together, we will work with you to draft language that accurately reflects both where your organization is today and where you hope to go. As part of our work together, we also collaborate with you on communicating your MVV to your workplace community and will help you identify how to embed your MVV in your workplace culture.

Your MVV will communicate to employees their role in your workplace culture, and will show your clients and community who you are and what you stand for. It will also give you a philosophy to consult as you make important business decisions.

Custom Program Design

We understand that just like any two humans, no two organizations are exactly the same. While we always customize our solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients, we recognize that bespoke solutions are sometimes needed as well. Our approach to building bespoke solutions includes an assessment that is fit for purpose, where we engage with a listening ear and a desire to help, and then partner with you to design a solution. We have a diverse set of capabilities and experiences through our team and our trusted network of strategic partners allowing us to develop a solution that contributes to your commitment of having a human-centered workplace culture.


We collaborate with you as an extension of your team to offer human centered solutions around DEI, HR, Social Impact, Comms, and much more.

Strategic Advising: DEI, Employee Experience + Company Culture

We know that our workplace culture engagements don’t always fit into a specific project and they are certainly not one size fits all. Recognizing that our clients may need us to serve as an extension of their internal team, we offer hourly strategic advisory consulting as an additional option to partner. While always in the arena of workplace culture, these engagements might include:

  • Thought partnership
  • Ad hoc advisory consultation
  • Project management
  • Research
  • Coaching
  • Facilitating

Most importantly, we want our clients to know that we are here to walk side by side with you through your workplace culture, IDEA, and employee experience journey and that we will find solutions that meet your needs.

Our service offerings above are each tailored to your organization and can be modified or expanded upon. In our introductory call, we will learn more about what you are looking for and create a plan together. We can’t wait to learn more about your organization!

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