We believe that employee experience drives organizational success. With that in mind, our programs start with understanding your people and your culture, which allows us to customize our programs to meet the needs of your organizations.

At Hummingbird Humanity, we are building the type of culture that we partner with organizations to create for themselves—a community aligned around thebelief that leading people-first is core to the success of any endeavor. With diverse lived experiences, our team of experts works with you to develop an individualized approach to your organization’s specific needs.

Through our unique methodology, which combines HR + DEI practices while infusing head and heart thinking, we work with small to medium-sized companies to help you foster humanity in your workplace—always beginning with the voices of your employees. Our relationships with a broad community of consultants, who join us in honoring the importance of intersectionality and the power of storytelling, makes Hummingbird Humanity a distinctive partner to ignite the possibility of your people.

Our consulting services fall into four categories:


Our intersectionality-based approach looks at employee experience through multiple dimensions of identity.

DEI DNA Assessment

We’ll assess your organization through multiple lenses to take an in-depth look at where you are today – an essential step towards creating an environment where employees feel seen, valued, and heard. 

Data Collection Channels:  

  • Interviews (up to 12 one-hour senior leader interviews)
  • Focus Groups (up to five 90-minute focus groups with up to 12 people each + demographics)
  • An electronic survey* (up to 12 employee experience rating questions and 1 free response question)
  • Company materials review 

The readout will include reports and employee quotes – which illuminate your current state through head and heart. We also include areas of strength, areas of concern, and recommendations for next steps. The insights help inform your actions and communications, ensuring you feel confident you are taking the next steps to create an inclusive environment for all your people.

Employee Experience Survey
Audit: Bias in the Employee Lifecycle


Building on the insights from one of our assessments, we partner with you to plan short and log-term steps that build on your commitments to DEI.

Strategic DEI Roadmap

DEI is not “one size fits all” which requires a custom approach. With the understanding, we will work with you to build out critical staples of your business including: 

  • DEI Strategic Roadmap
  • Design of custom DEI programs 
  • Defining of your company values 
  • Design of internal communications 

Collectively, these engagements will continue to foster your commitment to creating an environment where your employees thrive.

Employee Experience Roadmap

Your employees are the heart and soul of your company. Our unique approach to employee surveys – which combines DEI and HR methodologies – provides you insights through multiple lenses and helps you understand how to best foster a sense of belonging, improved engagement, and pride in your company. Our standard survey includes up to 50 employee experience rating questions and up to 5 free free response question + demographic questions.


We partner with you to create and implement customized programs and experiences.

Diversity Learning Circles

Our DEI Learning Circle is a space to learn and openly discuss concepts, experiences and history related to diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Designed for executives and leaders committed to fostering an inclusive environment for their teams, this program provides foundational content designed to educate, build comfort having difficult discussions and inform commitments to action. 


  • Intended for groups of 10 – 12
  • A 10-session program with 90-minute sessions
  • Content is shared in advance of each session to prompt reflection and prepare for discussion
ERG Design and Development

Understanding that your employees are the heart and soul of your company,  creating safe spaces for them to feel seen and heard is key to the DEI journey.  While Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are often touted for providing a positive environment where employees of different genders, nationalities, and backgrounds have equal opportunity to succeed, they can also be a launching pad for allyship, business innovation, and leadership development.  Whether your company is at the beginning of its ERG journey, or needs help with a reset or “level up,” we can guide you every step of the way.

Example Steps:

  • Garnering support from Top management and / or employees
  • Evaluating your company’s needs and setting goals
  • Promoting ERGs
  • Measuring Success
Listening Sessions + Empathy Circles
Building Bridges of Trust


We create experiences that amplify the voices of the unheard and, as an LGBTQ+ owned business, have a core expertise in LGBTQ+ and Queer People of Color (QPOC) Voices.

Speaking Engagements

Working with our network of speakers, we offer speaking events that expand perspectives and understanding of different lived experiences. 

Typically, our speaker experiences include: 

  • A one-hour event delivered in a fireside chat format followed by a Q&A
  • A one-pager for speakers with information about your company 
  • Partnership with you and the speaker to curate the topic, ensuring the speak experience meets the needs of your community
  • A recording available for three months with draft messaging to share the recording with your employee community
Fireside Chats
Panel Discussions

Our service offerings above are each tailored to your organization and can be modified or expanded upon. In our introductory call, we will learn more about what you are looking for and create a plan together. We can’t wait to learn more about your organization!