Human centered workplaces foster trust and psychological safety because they prioritize the needs and well-being of their employees. When employees feel valued and supported, they are more likely to feel comfortable sharing their ideas and opinions, which leads to better collaboration and problem-solving. Additionally, when employees feel psychologically safe, they are more likely to take risks and be innovative, which can lead to increased productivity and success for the organization. Join us to learn from our experts on how creating a human centered workplace can lead to a more positive and productive work environment for everyone involved.


Rachelle Carrié

Rachelle is a DEI Personal Consultant & EQ Coach who channels cultural change through her voice in the global community. Rachelle’s passions center around collaborating while amplifying impact through sharing knowledge and resources & creating an inclusive workplace culture. Additionally, she utilizes the invaluable voice that women of diverse backgrounds have to empower themselves and others. Relentless in her pursuits, she has written two Amazon eBooks and is writing two more, along with four other children’s books for young girls of color with my daughter Sofia. This journey has brought her to create a Podcast: Diversity Connects Us, featuring Women & Men of Color While Navigating Race and Gender. The topics range from Tokenism, Micro-aggressions, Colorism, Sexism, Emotional Intelligence, Gender, Race & Mental Health. In addition, she is a fierce researcher, reader of all books, yogi, and community partnership builder. She packs a punch with certifications in an Emerging Transformational Leadership Program, a Life Coach Certificate, a Professional Certificate in Inclusive Leadership & finally, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in The Workplace. She graduated between 2019 & 2022. Her seasoned experience as a teacher, serial entrepreneur, game-changer, and ballroom dancer has spanned nearly 25 years covering Europe, Canada, and the South Florida markets.

Dr. Phenessa Gray

Dr. Phenessa A. Gray is a Certified Social & Emotional Intelligence (SEI) Coach, Wellbeing Author, Senior DEI Consultant, and Creative with a passion to empower others to feel better, think better, and live better in creating a more emotionally intelligent world one heart and mind at a time. She is the founder of Emotional Intelligence Doctor, LLC and brings over 20 years experience working in government, higher education, and non-profit organizations. She is an effective visionary, authentic leader with expertise in SEI, personal and professional learning, and program management and leadership. Phenessa provides a holistic approach in engaging authentic conversations and fostering safe, equitable spaces to address the “pink elephants” within ourselves and in the room to cultivate psychological safety, build community, and encourage a sense of authenticity, being, and belonging.