We Stand With the AAPI Community

We’ve gathered a collection of tools and resources to help you and your organization foster stronger humanity in the workplace. Find content centered around social movements for humanity, best practices for human-centered work environments, and more.


Avoiding Microaggressions

Microaggressions can affect underrepresented groups in negative ways. Learn how your language can be more inclusive.

Conversations of Hope, Heart, and the Human Spirit

A series of live conversations from the summer of 2020 where the Hummingbird community discussed many dimensions of DEI inside and outside of the workplace.

Hummingbird Hour

A series of live conversations from the summer of 2021 celebrating the one year anniversary of Hummingbird Humanity.

Inclusive Language Guide

A guide of what words / phrases can be harmful and what you can say instead to make your workplace more inclusive.

Representation Matters

This free report will help your organization harness inclusivity and representation.

Community Resources

Resources from partners, community members, and Hummingbird endorsed organizations that provide unique resources to support the AAPI community.

Asian Community Guide

from Swarm Strategy Co.

Resources for Allyship

from Airbnb