General Resources

We’ve gathered a collection of tools and resources to help you and your organization foster stronger humanity in the workplace. Find content centered around social movements for humanity, best practices for human-centered work environments, and more.


Inclusive Language Guide 2.0

Inclusive language evolves over time requiring us to engage with curiosity and critical thinking. This 2.0 guide is an update to our first guide released in Fall 2020.

Navigating the Holidays

We have dedicated this month’s guide to discussing the holidays and sharing best practices on how to navigate this time of the year which can be both wonderful and difficult to experience.

Women in the Workplace

Given the state of the world, women’s rights, and the burden placed on women during the pandemic, we feel it is necessary to talk about how we are supporting women in the workplace.

Avoiding Microaggressions

Microaggressions can affect underrepresented groups in negative ways. Learn how your language can be more inclusive.

Conversations of Hope, Heart, and the Human Spirit

A series of live conversations from the summer of 2020 where the Hummingbird community discussed many dimensions of DEI inside and outside of the workplace.

Craft Inclusive Job Descriptions

A job posting may be the first interaction a potential candidate has with your company. It’s important to ensure the language you’re using is inclusive and welcoming.

Exploring Culture Through Different Lenses

At Hummingbird Humanity, we view diversity, equity, and inclusion through 4 Lenses of Representation: People, Culture, Customer, and Community.

Guide to ERGs & Best Practices

Download this guide to Employee Resource Groups and their best practices.

Guide to Human-Centered Conversations at Work Part I: Empathy

This guide is the first of a four-part series of guides focused on workplace communication. The first part, focused on empathy, will provide you with the tools to effectively engage your employees in one-on-one conversations, how to practice empathic listening, and five important questions to ask yourself to distinguish responding versus reacting to events in the workplace.

Guide to Human-Centered Conversations at Work Part II: Feedback

In part two, we’ll bring those tools along to help build feedback skills and to answer the questions: Where do we begin with setting expectations? How can we make our feedback encouraging and constructive? And lastly, how do we ourselves become good feedback recipients? You’ll find the answers here as you explore the second guide of this series.

Guide to Human-Centered Conversations at Work Part III: Resolving Conflict

This guide is the third part of a four-part series focused on workplace communication. In part three, we’ll focus on how to navigate and resolve workplace conflicts. From the reasons as to why conflict arises, to steps for finding resolution and the variables to keep in mind as individuals and as a team.

Guide to Mental Health and Well-being in the Workplace

At Hummingbird, we believe that mental health and well-being is one of the foundations of building human-centered workplaces.

Hummingbird Hour

A series of live conversations from the summer of 2021 celebrating the one year anniversary of Hummingbird Humanity.

Hummingbird Newsletter

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Representation Matters

This free report will help your organization harness inclusivity and representation.

Community Resources

Resources from partners, community members, and Hummingbird endorsed organizations that provide unique insight on DEI.

The Ally Factory Program

from Tuffs University

Anti-Racist HR Guide

from Swarm Strategy Co.

Emerge Stronger – Spring 2020

from Jennifer Brown Consulting

ERGs that Drive Business

from Jennifer Brown Consulting

Pandemic Resources Guide

from The Partnership, Inc.