Hummingbird Services

We believe that employee experience drives organizational success. With that in mind, our programs start with understanding your people and your culture, which allows us to customize our programs to meet the needs of your organization.

LGBTQ+ Speaker Workshops

The Hummingbird Humanity team has a number of LGBTQ+ speakers and facilitators with a diverse set of experiences that would love to be a part of your LGBTQ+ Pride programming. We offer a variety of options that include workshops, keynotes and fireside chats, in addition to other programmings, and will partner with you to deliver an impactful experience for your employees.

Assessing an organization through the lens of DEI is an essential step towards creating an environment where employees feel seen, valued, and heard. At Hummingbird Humanity we take an in-depth look at your organization, through interviews, focus groups, electronic survey, and a review of your company’s brand expressions, to find your DEI strengths and to identify focus areas.

Through sharing personal stories and leveraging our facilitation expertise, the Hummingbird Humanity team partners with you to facilitate listening sessions which help your employees expand their understanding of each other. This foundational experience often continues beyond the session itself.

This program offers expert-led conversations that enable a deeper understanding and enhanced connection between individuals. The Hummingbird Humanity Diversity Learning Circles are designed to increase your understanding of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in a new and revolutionary way.

Additional Services

Inclusion Training

Creating an environment where your employees thrive-and where each employee feels seen, valued, and heard-is foundational to your organization’s success. At Hummingbird Humanity, we offer foundational Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) training as well as programs, delivered in a variety of formats, covering topics that include microaggressions, power and privilege, psychological safety and allyship.

Strategy, Values, and Communication

We recognize that DEI is not “one size fits all” which may require a custom approach to our partnership. With that understanding, we will work with you to build your DEI Strategic Roadmap, design Custom DEI Programs, define your Company Values, and design Internal Communications. These engagements will continue to foster your commitment to creating an environment where your employees thrive.

Allyship & Inclusive Leadership Workshops

Allyship & Inclusive Leadership Workshops enable your leaders, at any level, to foster an environment where your employees feel seen, valued and heard.

DEI Workshops for HR Professionals

Human Resources plays an essential role in an organization’s DEI commitment. Through this workshop, designed for your organization’s HR team, you will obtain increased awareness, better understanding, and improved effectiveness for infusing DEI commitment into HR practices.


Speaker Series

Storytelling is a powerful way to learn about the lived experiences of others. Through our network of trusted colleagues, Hummingbird Humanity will architect a speaker series for your organization that will build empathy and spark new engagement in taking action around DEI commitments.


Employee Experience Survey

Your employees are the heart and soul of your company. Our unique approach to employee surveys provides you insights through multiple lenses and helps you understand how to best foster the feeling of belonging, improved engagement, and pride in your company.