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Imposter Syndrome, Anxiety, & Intersectionality

I really enjoyed gaining perspectives from Brian’s last blog Am I an Imposter: Representation Helped Me Imagine the Possibilities of a Human-Centered Workplace Culture. Brian spoke about the importance of being unapologetically authentic for him and only him first,...

How it Works

At Hummingbird, we are committed to amplifying the voices of the unheard throughout our work. Our Founder and CEO, Brian McComak, is committed to leading by example to help other CEOs, leaders, and decision-makers do the work of creating human-centered workplaces.

Our blog will feature a message from Brian monthly. In addition, a team member from Hummingbird will share a response blog to Brian’s message later in the month to illuminate the necessary though complex landscape that humans are navigating together at work.

While we may not always agree, we can listen, empathize, and learn from new perspectives regardless of our title, role, or lived experiences. We hope the approach with our blog helps you engage in ongoing dialogue with your workplace.