Join us for October’s Hummingbird Hour event on Tuesday, October 18th, at 12 pm EST, where we will discuss a multigenerational workplace and ageism. By 2050 nearly 2 billion people, 22% of our global population, will be 60+ in the workplace, and it’s time to discuss the value of having a diverse workforce of different generations. 

Hummingbird Hour








Yvette Donado

With over 25 years in corporate and nonprofit C-Suite leadership, Yvette is an expert in human resource management, diversity, equity and inclusion, board management, project management, and quality. She has received many awards from various organizations and delivered lectures at international forums, business schools, and other organizations. 

A native Spanish speaker, she lived and worked in Honduras and has visited many countries in the Hemisphere. Since retiring from Educational Testing Service as SVP for Administration and Chief Diversity Officer, she has been consulting on transformational coaching, DEI audits (what’s getting in the way of desired results), and resolving thorny problems.

Frank Gomez

Former senior career Foreign Service Officer, former corporate and nonprofit executive, longtime consultant/partner at Latin Insights (full bio at, and veteran Hispanic activist. Expert in human resource management, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and multiculturalism. Of French-Canadian and Mexican descent, fluent in Spanish and French, with good knowledge of Portuguese.

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