Join us for July’s Hummingbird Hour event on Tuesday, July 19 at 12 pm EST, where we will discuss the book “Showing Up: How Men Can Become Effective Allies in the Workplace” with its author, Ray Arata.

Ray wrote “Showing Up” to offer support for those seeking to engage in impactful allyship and leadership – for those seeking to be “better men” in their roles as allies, leaders, and partners. He supports his readers to rewrite their own version of healthy masculinity with key concepts and actionable exercises that can be implemented in their day to day behaviors.

You can purchase the book here.

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Ray Arata

Ray Arata, author of “Showing Up: How Men Can Become Effective Allies in the Workplace,” is a speaker, master facilitator, coach, and most of all, he is an ally in training. As an aspiring ally, Ray’s personal mission involves going into the corporate world and getting male executives to stand up and stand strong when it comes to including and advancing women and minorities in the workplace. Ray brings a unique and much needed experiential point of view that supports organizations in meeting men where they are – without shame or blame – and guiding them on an inclusionary, heart-centric leadership journey. As a co-founder of Better Man Leadership, a consulting and training firm that seeks to engage men as allies and advocates for diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and justice, Ray is committed to the transformation of the gender perspective from which organizations engage with all stakeholder groups; customers, employees, investors, partners, and the global community.