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Obella Obbo


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Obella Obbo is a DEI specialist, mental health professional, and creative artist who loves to talk about identity, cultivate growth environments, and strategize on how to turn compassion into action. In addition to a masters in counseling psychology from Loyola University of Maryland, Obella comes with a multidimensional background; he has worked in college prep programs with low income communities, domestic violence organizations that serve both survivors and alleged perpetrators, respite sites for children with behavioral disabilities, multicultural affairs centers at elite PWIs, and DEI consulting spaces with corporate clients. In all of these spaces, Obella has been a fierce advocate for inclusive practices that are reflective of a moral imperative for equity & belonging.

A radical empath, Obella aims to use his years of experience and his lens as a Black queer second-generation East African man to decolonize toxic belief systems and reframe them such that he might empower folks to be the most authentic versions of themselves, and create a community of healing and acceptance. Obella was born in raised in Maryland, where he still currently resides with his partner and his pupperoni, Kona. In his free time Obella enjoys being outdoors, listening to eclectic music, reading comic books, and cooking delicious meals at home.




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