Conversations of Hope, Heart, and the Human Spirit

with Eduardo Placer


Hummingbird Humanity videos now with captioning.

In this episode, Brian and Eduardo cover. . .

  • Coming out in the workplace 
  • Effective storytelling for leaders
  • How to connect with an audience

      Leaning Into Humanity

      Everything has changed, and I frankly do not know what I am doing. How do I lead during uncertain times?

      1. Do not compare yourself. It is easy to view yourself based on the shortcomings or successes of others. This will do nothing but cause you distress as every leader’s obstacles are unique in uncertain times. Understand that you have your voice and there is no other voice like yours in the world. 
      2. Acknowledge all of your feelings. There is no surprise you are experiencing a diverse array of emotions. That is okay. And some of your reactions might contradict each other, such as being grateful and upset at the same time. Try your best to not shame yourself, there is no correct way to feel. 
      3. You are not alone. Times are tough and there truly is no manual on how to lead in a world crisis. However, there are certainly others who share your sentiments. Reach out to another person in your position and share knowledge, or even vent. I will give you a secret shortcut- check out Eduardo Placer’s Fearless Communicators community page. Countless leaders are open to connecting with you. 


      Eduardo Placer, CEO & Founder of Fearless Communicators, nurtures and challenges leaders to share stories from the heart. Eduardo believes any message that can resonate with the key of the human spirit will build genuine connection and guide leaders to overcome self-imposed walls. As a story doula, he has motivated thousands of professionals to bring authenticity to the teams they serve. Eduardo’s mission to inspire the truth is influenced by his own journey of finding his voice as a gay man.