Hummingbird Hour

Digital Accessibility


Hummingbird Humanity videos now with captioning.

In this episode, Ben and Anna discussed. . .

  • What does accessibility / flexibility mean, and why does it matter?
  • When accessibility gets forgotten – common mistakes companies make around accessibility
  • Discussion around the “Curb-Cut Effect”
  • The importance of including people with disabilities in your process around accessibility decision-making 
  • Tools that support accessibility in the workplace – screen reader hacks, information on image descriptions, color contrast examples, and more
  • How to integrate accessibility into your day-to-day workflow


Anna Cass was introduced to the world of digital accessibility through a communications role at the Lurie Institute for Disability Policy. She is a firm believer that accessibility is a measure of quality; that “good design is accessible design.” After honing her own understanding of digital accessibility, she has helped others expand their knowledge by developing and facilitating trainings on social media accessibility and acting as a digital accessibility spot-checker. Anna seeks to honor the motto of the disabled community, “nothing about us without us,” by deferring to and amplifying the lived experience and expertise of folks who rely on accessible design.