Listening Sessions

Understanding the lived experiences of your co-workers is vital to creating a human-centered workplace.

       Listening Sessions centering around identity-sharing exercises have become one of the most effective strategies for creating a deeper understanding of humanity and the lived experiences of others. Listening Sessions foster an environment allowing impactful conversations between employees which creates a stronger sense of unity and grounds the workplace culture in humanity. 

       Listening Session participants can learn more about themselves, their coworkers, and their leaders while also further exploring their relationship to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Each session is unique and engaging, centered around the experiences of your employees.

“Hearing people open up about their situations and seeing that we have been through similar things helped me realize that I’m not alone.”

       Through sharing personal stories and leveraging their facilitation expertise, the Hummingbird Humanity team focuses on creating a more inclusive workplace at organizations with Listening Sessions that foster authentic conversations during, and after, the sessions. 




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