Diversity Learning Circles

Put inclusion at the forefront of your company.

       A Diversity Learning Circle is a space for small groups to learn about and openly discuss concepts, experiences and history related to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. It is designed for executives and leaders who are committed to fostering an inclusive environment for their teams but are relatively new to diversity issues. Topics and content are foundational: designed to educate, to build comfort having difficult discussions, and to inform commitments to action.

“Being a part of the DLC community has helped me evolve the depth of my thinking about race in the world, my community, my company, and my own life. Sharing our questions, experiences, and learnings in this safe space has given me the confidence to have a bigger voice against social and racial injustice.”

       The skills learned through participatory discussions that lead to behavior change are: noticing bias and exclusionary actions within yourself and others, thinking critically about what you are noticing, and increasing comfort in having discussions around diversity issues. These skills will enable participants to identify and adjust for their bias throughout the entire employee lifecycle, as well as increase inclusion in individual teams and company culture.

Foundational DEI Concepts

Deeper Dive into DEI Concepts


Understanding DEI through Lived Experience



       The Diversity Learning Circles have become a staple of the Hummingbird services collection. The Circles focus on collective education through expert-led conversations that enable a deeper understanding and connection between individuals. The Hummingbird Humanity Diversity Learning Circles are built to help organizations to increase their diversity education in a new and revolutionary way that has a direct impact on an organization’s culture.


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