Hummingbird Hour

Supporting Queer Women


Hummingbird Humanity videos now with captioning.

In this episode, Julia and Natasha discussed. . .

  • The many different people who exist within the LGBTQ+ community, and those who are often forgotten about.

  • The lack of representation of LBTQ+ women in the media (besides Ellen), and the impacts that that has. 

  • Why it matters to have comfortable dedicated spaces for queer women. 

  • What resources exist within/for the community, and what can be expanded upon? 

  • The ways that you can be an ally for the queer women in your life. 

           Julia Hamilton is a DEI advocate and champion for LGBTQ+ progress in the workplace, spending the past 5 years working at Goldman Sachs leading various initiatives to support our community. Most notably, she co-led and founded Goldman’s Pronouns Initiative: a global, firm-wide campaign focused on education and awareness around gender identity and pronouns, as well as creating new avenues for employees to openly share their pronouns via email signatures, name-tags and more. During her tenure at Goldman, she also worked to establish a Parental Resource Forum for LGBTQ+ parents at the firm and employees who are parents to LGBTQ+ children, as well as developed a strong partnership between Goldman and the Ali Forney Center, a non-profit dedicated to protecting, supporting and empowering homeless LGBTQ youth. Julia was promoted to Vice President at Goldman in December 2020.

          Natasha Porizkova is a Dallas transplant now living in Boston. She is passionate about people and their stories, uplifting others, and a through and through empath, always striving to create, grow, and be better! As a seasoned digital marketer gone full-time diversity, equity, and inclusion advocate, Natasha works to marry the two to maximize impact and change.