Hummingbird Hour

Reframing #RepresentationMatters


Hummingbird Humanity videos now with captioning.

In this episode, JD hosted a conversation with Mita, Bianca, Jim and Brian and they discussed. . .

  • Why representation matters and is so important in today’s workplace

  • How to reframe the conversation within your organization around representation to take steps towards furthering diversity & inclusion

  • An overview of the Four Lenses of Representation: People, Culture, Customers and Community

  • Specific ways your company can address representation within the four lenses based upon research of what other organizations have successfully done


           JD Valladares-Williams is a Writer, Educator, and Consultant who helps Fortune 500 firms unpack conversations around sexuality, race, and intersectionality. Previous work includes the NYC Dept. of Education & It Gets Better Project with a focus on LGBTQ+ history, activism, and inclusivity in schools. JD enjoys gardening, camping, extreme sports (skydiving, anyone?), and writing about his experiences as a Queer, Latinx, Immigrant growing up in the American suburbs.

    • Expert in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Wellbeing
    • Champion for Women’s Empowerment and Disability Inclusion
    • Purpose-Driven and innovative Sustainability Thought Partner
    • Intuitive and collaborative Leader focused on transformative change
    • Effectively aligns leadership and cross-functional teams with global strategic initiatives
    • Excellent communication and project management; extremely agile and solutions-oriented
    • Over 10 Years’ Experience in Brand Management, Merchandising, and Consumer Experience

           I am a passionate storyteller. As a kid, I loved watching commercials instead of actual tv shows. I loved going to the store with my mom, studying The Keebler Elves and Snap, Crackle, Pop from Rice Krispies on shelf. I loved watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air because I saw a family that I could finally relate to. As a kid, I didn’t see many stories being told that included people who looked like me.

    I believe diversity of thought doesn’t happen without diversity of representation. When you have all those points of views, life experiences, and cultural backgrounds coming together around a table. Colliding, clashing, and collaborating- that’s when magic happens. That’s when we come up with that one break through innovative idea, campaign, innovation- to authentically and purposefully serve customers and communities.


           Business as usual is how we got here, I’m unapologetic about using my knowledge and my network to prove what’s possible when we prioritize the business of us. By demanding values be the center of our value chain, my teams can be fearless about doing what’s right—a critical requirement in today’s environment.

    My days are spent collecting dots to help those around me connect them. By taking complex matters and translating them into tangible ideas for stakeholders: employees, consumers, governments, suppliers and investors.

    Most recently, as Advisor/Consultant at Route 2, I provide strategic consultancy for executives and organizations looking to build a sustainable future. We focus on ESG, Sustainability, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Compliance, Ethics, and Communications.

           Brian McComak is a diversity & inclusion consultant, speaker, author and facilitator with over 25 years of experience in D&I, HR, change management, internal communications, talent development and employee experience. He is an openly gay man and a person with a disability who shares is lived experiences in service of making the world a better place for everyone.

           Before starting Hummingbird Humanity, he was Global Head of Inclusion for Tapestry – the home of Coach, Kate Spade & Stuart Weitzman – where he built the company’s D&I strategic roadmap. He put Tapestry ‘on the map’ as a great place for inclusion earning recognition from the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index, Women in the Workplace and Forbes’ Best Places to Work for Diversity.