Hummingbird Hour

Our Stories Guide Us


Hummingbird Humanity videos now with captioning.

In this episode, Brian and Graci. . .

  • Graci’s journey from Africa to the US, and her journey to accepting herself as a queer woman.

  • How Grace learned to be proud and open about her identities and lived experiences. 

  • How people and organizations can see people as humans

  • How Graci got into DEI work

  • The work the LGBTQ+ community needs to do to celebrate and support the entire community

  • The importance of learning about the stories of others and elevating their voices 

  • How to support those going through difficult times without asking them to relive their trauma 

          Graci Harkema is the owner of Graci LLC, international diversity, equity & inclusion consultant firm. She specializes in building inclusivity in the workplace, implicit bias training, talent management, and public speaking within the Fortune 500, small businesses and non-profit organizations. She is dedicated to partnering with clients to help build inclusive work environments. She is committed to empowering employees to perform to their potential as their true selves. Graci is passionate about serving the community by volunteering her time on LGBTQ+ non-profit boards and committees. She is also an avid supporter of her parents’ faith-based non-profit, Heart for Central Africa, in her hometown of Bukavu, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Graci is recognized as a 2015 and 2020 ‘40 Under 40 Business Leader of West Michigan’ and is a 2020 award recipient of the ‘200 Most Powerful Business Leaders of West Michigan’ by Grand Rapids Business Journal. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations from Grand Valley State University. Graci resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan.