Hummingbird Hour

COVID and the Future of Work


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In this episode, Brian and Andy cover. . .

  • The three pillars of thinking about the future of work: strategy, logistics, and talent. 

  • The importance of clear and honest communication, even if it’s about what you don’t know yet. 

  • How change management reflects different stages of grief. 

  • The multiple opinions and realities of the future of remote work

  • Logistical considerations of continued remote work.

  • The technology innovations that will help build cultures in the future of work

  • Advice for managers on leading through this change

  • The importance of seeing employees as people, and showing up as people ourselves.

We really enjoyed having Andy Rice from Black Box Consulting join us yesterday to talk about ‘COVID & the Future of Work’ for our second Hummingbird Hour Conversation! In this conversation, we cover the ups and downs of virtual work, and the reality that virtual work, in many forms, is here to stay – which is a good thing. Andy shares the tips he gives to those hoping to be good managers as they lead through these new and uncertain times.

          Andy Rice (he / him) is an experienced Talent Management Consultant with a focus on Integrated Talent Management, Talent Management optimization, alignment of talent strategy to business strategy and Talent Management technologies.